NES Baseball tips and tricks

In the NES Baseball game you can choose between 6 different teams.

A Team : Oakland Athletics
C Team : St. Louis Cardinals
D Team : Los Angeles Dodgers
P Team : Philadelphia Phillies
R Team : Kansas City Royals
Y Team : New York Yankees

The teams represent the Major League Baseball League Pennant winners in the early 1980's.

NES Baseball game is truly one of the classic video games.

The goal of course in this game is to score more runs just like any other baseball game.

There is not much strategy I can offer on this game. I warn you though that you will get pissed off sometimes when the other team hits the ball in the outfield and your center fielder is running to get the ball but when he gets close to it he all of a sudden stops and leaves it to the left fielder who is like what seems a mile away but ultimately manages to finally get to the ball. Meanwhile the base runner has got himself a triple instead of a single. I play this game once in a while out of old memories as a kid but if I was a 2000's child I would think this game is kind of corny.

One strategy I noticed though is that when you are hitting and nothing seems to be going your way, you may want to move your batter closer into the box and your hitting will be stronger and go through the middle. If it ain't working when your up close go back to the normal position.

When pitching you may want to throw some slow pitches and curve them on the outside corner. I noticed that these guys just smack my fastballs around most of the time.

You may get beat at first but when you play it a few times you should be able to handle playing the computer and winning with no problem. You may even smack a couple home runs.


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