Adventure in Magic Kingdom Tips and Tricks

The game places you as a non-choosable main character. Goofy left the golden key for the castle gate inside, and Mickey Mouse asks your help to find six silver keys needed to open the Cinderella Castle gate and allow the Disney parade to begin. The player must complete six different stages, modeled after rides in Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom, in order to retrieve the keys. Following this, Mickey congratulates the player and the parade begins.

Each stage is a park ride and the player may choose which stage to play by walking around the park. The stages vary in difficulty and in gameplay, and can be completed in any order. The six stages are the following:


The player controls a speed car in a race against the villainous Panhandle Pete, who has stolen one of the silver keys. The game play is from a top-down perspective and players must avoid various obstacles during the race.

Haunted Mansion

This is a traditional side scroller in which the player must defeat ghost by throwing candles at them to retrieve one of the keys.

Pirates of the Caribbean

This is another side scroller in which the player must rescue six villagers from pirates who have raided an island resembling the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction.

Big Thunder Mountain

The player controls a train on a track from the top-down perspective, and must quickly choose from the various paths to take. Each path leads through several obstacles and the correct path will lead to the final station.

Space Mountain

The player boards a spaceship with the mission to reach a certain star. The game is in first person perspective and the player must use the arrow controls on the gamepad to maneuver through the asteroids whilst shooting enemy ships with a phaser.

The Trivia Game

The trivia game is available to play at any time. Several children around the park ask the player questions about Disney films and characters; if these are answered correctly, the children will reveal the location of the final silver key.

Secret Menu
To get the secret menu all you have to do is hit the select button at any time during the game. The stars you see all over the amusment park count as money. When you hit select Mickey will be at the top of the screen saying (your name) fight. In the select screen you can buy stuff with the stars but most of the things you can only buy inside amusment rides, exept for Space Mountain. A 1up cost 12 stars, invincibility costs 10(It only lasts for a couple seconds),freeze(it freezes your enemies for a couple seconds)costs 8, and life up(it gives you one life box)costs 6.
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