Mike Tyson's Punch Out tips and tricks

Derived from the arcade game 'Punch Out' - Nintendo created the 'Mike Tyson Punch Out' video game. This game has got to be one of NES most popular games. Here are a few tips and tricks that can probably help you out as you are on your way to beating Mike Tyson in the dream match.

Glass Joe

Glass Joe from Paris, France is your first opponent and is the scrub of 'Mike Tyson's Punch Out'. He is 1-99 and at age 38 is ready to retire, wonder who his one win came from, and to top it off it was a KO. Never the less, Glass Joe is a favorite of this video game because he is a classic, appearing in the arcade video game version also. Hit him in the face, when he blocks that you body blow him. When he blocks the body blow you hit him in the face. Real simple to beat. During the fight he may back up, gesture with his hands sort of a "c'mon, c'mon". Right when he comes back forward to you just give him a shot to the face for an immediate knockout. After knocking him down once, he may block a little better but you can still get lots of shots in. You can even let him throw a punch, dodge and counter with 6 straight blow to his face.

Von Kaiser

Next we have Von Kaiser, the X-Boxing teacher at the military academy from Berlin, Germany. He's actually older than Glass Joe at age 42 and is not barely above the 100 lb mark like Glass Joe. He is really simple to beat too though. He will come out throwing a left punch at you. Simply dodge it and counter with continuous blows to his face. You know he is about to punch when he wiggles his head side to side. He will also try some uppercuts at you. You can dodge it and counter with continuous blow to his face also or give him a body blow as he is in the uppercut motion to get stars.

Piston Honda

Next up is the WVBA Minor Circuit Championship title bout with Piston Honda. He's 28 years old and weighs 174 lbs and hales from Tokyo, Japan. He brings in an impressive 26-1 record with 18 KO's. Piston Honda was not in the original arcade video game 'Punch Out' but he was molded after Piston Hurricane who was. Never the less, Piston Honda became the NES video game version. He may be a little challenging to a beginner as he is a good blocker and will block almost anything you through at him, almost I said, sometimes you may get one in for a star. Best to wait and let him open up when he throws a jab at you, you dodge it and counter with a couple hits to his face. How to you know he's going to jab? Well, Mr. Piston Honda has a habit of twitching his eyebrows right before he does. He also has a right hook and a left hook he throws, just dodge them and counter with some head shots at him. He will try to go crazy with you during the match by stepping back and doing a little dance from left to right, this means he is going to come at you with all he's got. You can block all the quick punches he is throwing at you by pressing down right before each punch but if you don't block one and he hits you once he's probally going to hit you more until you get back on track with your blocks. YOu can also block, hit him four times in the face, block, four hits to the face, block............Best thing to do is after the dance when he's coming in, don't even let him get a chance to throw a punch, just body blow him once and he will go down. You have to time it perfectly. Piston Honda is real easy to beat is way more challenging than the first two opponents.

Mac will then take a jog through New York City in the afternoon with Doc leading the way on his bike and stop at the Statue Of Liberty.

Don Flamenco

Your next title run begins with Don Flamenco from Madrid, Spain. He's 22-3 with 9 KO's. His record is way better than what he is though, real simple to beat. He comes out with a flower in his mouth at the beginning of the match, kind of soft, maybe to bribe referee Mario some have said. When the match starts he will not come out with any offense he will just stay there waiting for you to punch so he can throw his big uppercut. Go ahead and punch, he will block and throw his uppercut, dodge it and start hitting him in the face. Hit him left punch, right punch, left, right, left, right, left, right...............until he goes down. When he gets up watch out because he will immediately throw that big uppercut. Just dodge it and do the left, right thing again to the face.

King Hippo

This guy can be a nightmare for you if you don't know the trick to beat him. I remember as a kid I was stuck on him for a while. He comes from Hippo Island and his age and weight are unknown. Hippo is a great blocker and will block anything you throw at him. He pretty much has a jab he will throw at you, you just gotta just dodge it. His other punch is a high, sort of over the head punch he throws. As he is in the beginning motion of throwing this punch you gotta hit him in the face, this will stun him and then you body blow him as much as you can. This is the only way to hit him. Just do it over and over and once he goes down once he is so fat that he can not get up again.

Great Tiger

This is another guy it is possible to get stuck on. At the beginning of the match he will throw a punch. Just dodge it and hit him in the face. How do you know he is about to punch? The little circle in the middle of his turbine lights up. Or you can do like I prefer to do, just punch (he blocks it), dodge, punch (connect), punch (he blocks it), dodge, punch (connect), punch (he blocks it), dodge and so on with this pattern. He will later try to use his uppercuts on you. You can just dodge it and hit him in the face four to six times. Or you can body blow him as he is in the beginning motion of his uppercut and get stars. His magic trick is when he backs up and starts spinning around the circle like a mad man. Each time he goes around he will try to wack you. Just block it each time he goes around by pressing down, you have to time it right. After five times going around he will be all dizzy and just be standing there right in front of you, just smack him in the face to knock him out.

Bald Bull

This is the WVBA Major Circuit title match against the famous Bald Bull. This is where I'd say the game starts to get somewhat challenging. Bald Bull came to the Nintendo Entertainment System version along with Glass Joe and Mr. Sandman. Just for your information there were six fighters in the arcade original game. These three came to the NES video game here. The three left out were Piston Hurricane, Kid Quick and Pizza Pasta. Sure wish they had brought them along. Anyways, Bald Bull has a jab he will throw, just dodge it and hit him in the face. He then comes out with his right hook, again dodge it and hit him in this face. Next comes his big uppercut, again just dodge it and hit him in his face. You will have to get used to Bald Bull's pattern and your timing will have to be in tact but you'll get the hang of it after a while. Now, let's talk about his 'Bull Charge'. You know, when he backs up to the back of the ring and takes three hops at you and gives that killer uppercut. You can dodge it all day long but he will just never quite it. You have to hit him in the stomach when he charges and have perfect timing at it. Connect and he will go down. It might take you some time before you can master this timing but once you do Bald Bull will always be pretty easy to beat.

Mac will take another jog training for his next big fights. Again in NYC but this time he takes as evening run with Doc leading him stopping at the Statue of Liberty.

Piston Honda #2

Piston Honda is back and a little tougher this time. Same rules from the first fight basically apply here. It will be a bit more challenging this time around though.

Soda Popinski

Soda Popinski is 33-2 and is a tough challenge if you just try to go heads up with him. His quick uppercuts can take you down real quick. That is, unless you press and hold down block before he throws his uppercut, this will stall him a second, giving you the chance to easily dodge it and counter with many punches to his face. Or while he is stalled you can hit him in the stomach for a star.

Bald Bull #2

Bald Bull is back again but this time even meaner and tougher. He can only be knocked down this time by using the star when his energy is kind of low or by getting him during his bull charge. If you try to just hit him like normal to knock him out, when his energy goes all the way down it will just keep coming back up a little so you'll have to do it by the two methods already mentioned. Again, with Bald Bull, just learn his pattern, Bald Bull's punches will certainly test your timing skills as I personally think he is one of the best on this game at throwing your dodge timing off. You can beat him! Oy yeah, many times when you guys barely come up to face each other, right away hit him in the face to get a star. Try not to get hit so you don't lose the star so you can knock him out with it when his energy gets kind of low.

Don Flamenco #2

Don Flamenco is back and has worked his way up the ranks. Don't think the left-right combination will work this time though as Don has learned from his mistakes in the past and even has a new jab to challenge you with. He will start out throwing his new jab at you, just dodge it and hit him in the face. After three of those he will throw a right swing at you, again, dodge it and counter. He will then go for three jabs again, the right swing, three jabs, right swing and so on. He will continue this until around the 1:30 mark, then he will go back into his old ways of just standing there and waiting for you to throw a punch so he can counter with his big uppercut. Go ahead and play his game, just be sure to dodge his uppercut because his punches are stronger this time and will take lots of your energy. This time the left, right thing won't work for too long so the match may go on for a while. To beat him quicker: At the beginning when he is doing his 3 jabs, right swing thing, you can punch him in his stomach as he is about to jab and get stars.

Mr. Sandman

Now this guy is tough and if it is the first time you are facing him you are guaranteed to get your butt kicked. He was the champion you had to beat on the arcade 'Punch Out'. At the beginning he will come out with ten or eleven jabs, you have to get into his rhythm and dodge, punch him in the face, dodge his next punch, punch him in the face and so on. I can't remember right now if he does it ten or eleven times but it's one of those. When he's through with that you will need to punch him in the face, he will block and throw a swing at you, you dodge it, hit him once in the face and give him three body blows. Punch to his face, he will block and swing at you, you dodge, punch him in the face and three body blows. You just continue to use this pattern on him through out the fight and you should beat him. That is, if you can dodge his trademark move. During the fight he will stand still for a few seconds and you know it is coming. He will throw some massive right and left hooks at you back to back to back. Your job is to time them perfectly and dodge all three, dodge them all and hit him in the face once and pound away on his stomach, you'll get many shots in until he recovers, these body shots take lots of his energy. It will take some practice to dodge his uppercuts so don't get discouraged if you dodge two and get hit once, just recuperate and play on.

Super Macho Man

OK, so this is the guy who stands in your way of facing Mike Tyson. He will be a hard task to get by but eventually with a little practice, or should I say a lot of practice you will eventually do it. Most of the time he starts out the game with a right swing at you. He has these quick uppercuts he throws too so beware of those. You just have to get his rhythm and he will be an easy task. Again, like Mr. Sandman, only if you can get Super Macho Mans trademark move down. His trademark move is his super spin punches and they comer in two different types. You know he is about to do it when he sort of just stands still there for a second and then watch out, here comes his super fast spin punch. You will have to learn to time it and dodge it and then counter. If you get hit with it you will lose lots of energy. His other twist punch will go around up to ten times sometimes, so yes you are going to have to dodge it all those ten consecutive times. It takes real practice with this guy, be patient and you will beat him.

Mike Tyson

The dream match against Mike Tyson. OK, you've finally made it so let's see how long you can last. Mike will be working to take you out real quick at the beginning of the match. For the first 1:30 of the match he will throw uppercuts at you that will knock you out with one hit, that's right, one hit and your out! The first time you get through the 1:30 mark you will be a proud fighter but there is way more to go. After the 1:30 mark he will do swing jabs at you for the rest of the round, you must get used of dodging these. When the second round begins he will throw around eight really quick jabs at you, you can block them, give him a body blow and earn stars. He will then go back to swing jabs and some more big uppercuts. Thankfully these uppercuts will not knock you out with one punch like the beginning of the game. Also, after dodging them you can actually get more than two hits when you counter attack him. With about 1:30 left both of his eyes will start blinking, smack him in the stomach and get ready to start blocking. He will kind of do the Piston Honda thing and go a little crazy, you can block the first, counter with four hits in the face, block the second, counter with four hits to the face and so on. In round three his jabs, uppercuts and swings are not as guessable anymore. Just be prepared to dodge or block and counter and you will beat Mike Tyson. I know, a little easier said than done but once you get it, "no problem" you will say.


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