1943 Tips and Tricks

The NES version varies from the arcade version somewhat, introducing the gradual improvement of the player's plane by permanently upgrading certain aspects of its abilities. These include the plane's offensive and defensive powers, the energy level, its special weapons and their durations. This somewhat alters the game balance and a different tactic is required to survive the game. For example, initially very few weapons are made available; more can be attained from power-ups by putting statistic points into "special weapons ability". Likewise, there are statistics for offensive ability, defensive ability, total energy, and special weapon time limit. The statistics modify the rates of change for the energy reserve, damage inflicted, and special weapon time limit.

Moreover, the names of the targets have changed as follows (from start to finish):

  • Rikaku (Japanese Heavy Cruiser)
  • Kaku (Japanese Aircraft Carrier)
  • Ayako 1 (Japanese Mother Bombership)
  • Kakushi (Japanese Battleship)
  • Kyoshu (Japanese Aircraft Carrier)
  • Ganryo (Japanese Bomber Armada)
  • Choko (Japanese Battleship)
  • Roshuku (Japanese Aircraft Carrier)
  • Ayako 2 (Japanese Mother Bombership)
  • Kayu (Japanese Battleship)
  • Bunshu (Japanese Bomber Armada)
  • Chojin (Japanese Battleship)
  • Riju (Japanese Aircraft Carrier)
  • Ayako 3 (Japanese Mother Bombership)
  • Ryofu (Japanese Battleship)
  • Totaku (Japanese Battleship, this is actually a fake Totaku)
  • Kaku (Japanese Aircraft Carrier)
  • Ayako 1 (Japanese Mother Bombership)
  • Choko (Japanese Battleship)
  • Ayako 2 (Japanese Mother Bombership)
  • Chojin (Japanese Battleship)
  • Ryofu (Japanese Battleship)
  • Ayakoes 1, 2, and 3 (Japanese Mother Bombership Armada)
  • "The Real Totaku" and a heavily-armed Japanese naval armada (All Battleships)

As opposed to the arcade version which had 16 stages, the NES version has 24 stages.

Enter the passwords below to start at the corresponding level:
73Q17-Level 2
E3QG3-Level 3
L3QG3-Level 4
S3QG3-Level 5
Z3QG3-Level 6
I3QG3-Level 7
P3QG3-Level 8
W3QG3-Level 9
33QG3-Level 10
A3QG3-Level 11
H3QG3-Level 12
U3QG3-Level 13
53QG3-Level 14
K3QG3-Level 15
F3QG3-Level 16
13QG3-Level 17
63QG3-Level 18
83QG3-Level 19
D3QG3-Level 20
M3QG3-Level 21
R3QG3-Level 22
TY2NU-Level 23
TY690-Starts last level with almost full power.
TY19U-Starts on the last level with maximum offense, defense, weapons, energy, and time.

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